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Fall Play Preview: “Play On”

Picture this: A play within a play. It seems easy, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. This is the case with this fall’s “Play On,”  a hilarious show involving a community theatre group putting on “Murder Most Foul.” Everything that can go wrong, however, does.

The comedy begins with disastrous first rehearsal, which leads to a dreadful dress rehearsal and ends with  the night of the final show. Among the three acts, quite a bit goes wrong. Ellie Levine’16, who plays Polly, says, “Seeing the same scenes over and over again shows how a lot really does go wrong in theatre.” The actors often have the same lines multiple times throughout the show, but remembering where they’re supposed to make mistakes and how they’re supposed to say the line differently each time at the drop of a hat makes the show harder than a regular play

The show is filled with both physical “slapstick” and verbal “one-liner” comics. The play is sure to have the audience laughing about how accurate it is to the real theatre world. The show opens on November 6th.


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