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Vikes Vs. Newark Catholic

The Vikings’ game against Newark Catholic on Friday, September 11th, can only be described with one word: heart.

The game had a shaky start with Newark Catholic scoring a touchdown in the first four minutes. Newark controlled the game for most of the first half, scoring again with two minutes left in the second quarter to make the score 14-0. After this touchdown, the Vikings fumbled on their kickoff return, giving Newark possession of the ball and allowing them to score again before halftime, making the game 21-0.

The game changed the minute the Vikes stepped back onto the field. Only four and a half minutes into the third quarter, Academy had possession on the 46-yard line. It was fourth down, and Coach Miller made the call for the team to go for it. Nick Stringer’17 wound up for a pass, which landed perfectly into the hands of Jerome Buckner’18. The Vikings put their first points onto the scoreboard.

Going into the fourth quarter, the Vikes were down 21-7, so the boys knew they only had twelve minutes to make a comeback. This was the moment when everyone was tested, when the team knows how far they can push itself. and how far it’s willing to go to win.

Immediately into the fourth quarter, Matt Watters’16 came in as QB and made a 53-yard pass to Buckner, who sprinted to the end zone, making the game 21-14. There was one touchdown separating the Vikings between a comeback. The team fought every second as the clocked ticked down. The Vikes’ defensive line continued to hold Newark at bay, and succeeded. Academy blocked Newark’s punts on the fourth down, and the crowd went crazy as they thought the game was going to be tied. But the referees called defensive holding on Academy, recalling the touchdown.

The Vikings didn’t let this strip away their momentum. Newark had the ball on their 54-yard line ,and it was third down. They attempted to pass it to their wide receiver, but Dorrian Moultrie’19 blocked the pass. At 4th down, Newark was forced to punt the ball. Again, the Vikings blocked the punt, and D. Moultrie scrambled for the ball. He returned it 44 yards to score a touchdown, making the game 21-20.

The Vikings failed to convert the extra point, and while they fought the rest of the game to pass Newark, they didn’t put more points on the board.

The Vikings lost 21-20 but have never put up a better fight.

by Taylor Bates’16


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