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Freshmen United at Last

On the first Friday of the school year, August 21, every 9th grade student participated in one of the best days ever: Unity Day.

Unity Day is an entire day devoted to creating stronger bonds among all the new ninth graders. Each student gets to know his or her advisor and fellow advisees by playing team-building games and by  having an opportunity to hang out with some new people. It is a relaxed day, full of fun games and free of classes. What more could you want?

The start of freshman year can be nerve-racking. The combination of new kids, new teachers, new buildings, school grades that counts toward college, and scary upperclassmen can be overwhelming.

Unity Day is just one of the great traditions at this school that helps assuage some of the anxiety and makes every Freshman feel welcome.

Welcome to High School, Freshman. Sure, at times, it will be hard and stressful and scary, but you’re going to love it.

-by Sarah Wexner


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