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High School Student’s “Uploader”

Written by Kirsten Huhl’18

The Uploader app allows Instagram users to upload pictures using their laptops instead of their phones. A Los Angeles high school student, Caleb Benn created this app, which cost $4.99 and has been gaining more popularity every day.

Instagram sent Benn an email saying his app violated its terms of service and that he needed to fix it by Monday March 30th. Instead of fixing it, Benn pulled his app from the App Store. “I pulled the app at midnight,” he said. “It was a tough thing to do, but I just couldn’t risk being blacklisted from using anything Facebook/Instagram nor a lawsuit for that matter. Especially when I’m so close to enrolling in college.”

He made around $6,000, which he says will go to his college fund to the University of California Berkeley where he hopes to study computer science.

This isn’t the first time that Benn had had to remove something from the App Store. Previously he made a guide to the game Temple Run before having to shut it down.


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