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Neena’s Blog: NYC Music Trip

Day 1 

Our first day of the choir and orchestra trip consisted of the long and monotonous bus ride. After scrambling to get our suitcases and instruments into the bus, we left the Columbus Academy around 4:00 pm. At 7:00pm we stopped at rest stop. Dinner included a Panera sandwich, an apple, a bag of chips, and a chocolate chip cookie.

After driving for a few more hours and stopping at another rest stop, we reached the Holiday Inn around midnight. Thankfully, we were able to get some sleep before waking up bright and early the next morning to continue our journey to New York!

DAY 2 

After 11 hours on a bus, we quickly shuffled into Radio City Music Hall. On our tour, we were amazed by the number of its former, legendary entertainers: Elvis, Michael Jackson, One Direction, and the ever-so-famous Rockettes, whom performed in the historic theater.

Next  was the Rockefeller Center. At the top, we saw the breathtaking views of the city. After scrambling for pictures with peers, we enjoyed a variety of options for lunch at the food court.

Orchestra and choir  split up for a workshop to practice.  Before dinner at the Gossip Barn, we changed into our dressy outfits. Then orchestra saw Yoyo Ma. Choir watched Matilda.


We headed to Cathedral of St John the Divine. Following choir’s astounding vocal performance, we began our journey through Central Park. We walked to Columbus Circle to eat lunch at the Time Warner Center.

Orchestra performed the pieces that we practiced for months in the gorgeous Church of Saint Paul the Apostle, with its multi-colored stain glassed windows. Then on Broadway, we saw “A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder. ” Our night couldn’t of ended better because we were fortunate to enough meet the cast of the show and learn some helpful hints in the acting world. The exciting and jam-packed day left us exhausted and ready for bed.

by Neena Baliga’18


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