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Oscar Snubs “Sniper”

The Academy’s  lack of recognition for “American Sniper” was surprising, considering the film was a smash hit by any estimation. As of Oscar Sunday, it had grossed north of $320 million, accounting for more than half of the combined earnings of all eight Best Picture nominees. Reception to the film was markedly positive among military members and civilians alike. With success like this, it’s hard to understand why “American Sniper” went home empty handed.

The film’s critics called it  jingoistic and propagandist. The snub this film received is an unfortunate demonstration of those in Hollywood who lean to the  left and whose unwillingness to give credit where its is due if it contradicts their agenda and narrative.

Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper,  and the Kyle family can take solace in knowing that if the box office was any indication of the film’s impact on the public and that American moviegoers do not share the Academy’s sentiments.
Written by Chiru Gunawardena ‘17


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