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Bibibop Comes to Central Ohio

In Easton and Columbus, there is certainly no shortage of fast, casual restaurants. From places like Chipotle and Piada, the concept of building your own personalized meal quickly and efficiently has been tried and verified. Bibibop Asian Grill is the latest quick-eat restaurant to capture Columbus’s attention.

With locations in Easton, Polaris, and Upper Arlington, this “Asian Fusion” restaurant combines a high quality of freshness with a reasonable cost to deliver a flavorful bowl of rice. The concept of the meal is derived from the popular Asian dish, “Bibimbap” or mixed rice.

True to its name, customers start their meals by choosing a type of rice as a base with an additional option of adding a protein. Then they choose toppings for their dishes which can range from pickled daikon to sauteed potatoes. Next, guests choose from a variety of Asian-inspired sauces like the spicy sriracha or the house favorite, “yum yum” sauce. Finally, sides like Kimchi or Edamame can be added.

In terms of price, here is how Bibibop compares to our favorite quick-eat restaurants:

Bibibop Average Rice Bowl: $6.40

Piada Pasta Bowl: $6.85

Chipotle Rice Bowl: $7.00

Because of Bibibop’s unique flavors, delicious sauces, and cheap prices, it is definitely worth a visit, so go out and try it!


Written by Varun Vallabhaneni’16



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