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Anti-Semitism: A Global Issue

Earlier this month, a terrorist in Paris attacked a kosher grocery store, keeping customers hostage for several hours. This incident was just another display of anti-Semitism, which is driving Jewish people out of Europe. Last June, three civilians were killed when a gunman opened fire at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, and the list continues. In response to these violent episodes, Israel has become a hotspot for European immigrants.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed solidarity with the French Jewish community by attending the peace march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attack and later speaking at a service at Paris’ Grand Synagogue, at which he offered French Jews the option to move to Israel, saying, “Any Jew who wishes to immigrate to Israel will be welcomed with open arms and warm and accepting hearts.”

Last year alone, roughly 6,000 of the 500,000 French Jews moved to Israel, and the number will likely rise this year. Just over a decade ago, former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, issued a similar, but more forceful message, saying, “If I have to advocate to our brothers in France, I will tell them one thing – ‘Move to Israel, as early as possible’. I say that to Jews all around the world, but there [in France] I think it’s a must and they have to move immediately.”

Anti-Semitism is not solely limited to Europe. In fact, according to a report cited in a recent Newsweek article, “two-thirds of hate crimes in the U.S. are directed at Jews.”  Less than a century since the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is again on the rise. It is imperative that the world stands strong with Israel and the Jewish community.


Written by Oliver Kornberg ‘16


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