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O-H . . . Oh, No!

Most Ohioans love their Ohio State Buckeyes. But how much love is too much, especially when it involves OSU students? After Ohio State beat Oregon 42-20 to win the national college football championship title, Buckeye fans were ecstatic . . . yet some celebrations were over the top.

After the game ended around 12:30 A.M., some fans went straight to bed, while others were ready to memorialize the win.

When the rowdiest of OSU students and other fans poured out of bars and out onto the streets, they lit trashcans and couches in the streets. Fans were shouting, rioting, and throwing miscellaneous things in celebration. Police officers on horseback attempted to control the crowds, and numerous fans were arrested. Around 8,000 fans also broke into the OSU’s football stadium, known as the Horseshoe. After more crowds and rioting, police decided enough was enough.

Close to  2:00 A.M., police officers administered pepper spray and 3 canisters of tear gas to control unruly  fans, who left with watery eyes and runny noses. It is evident that fans go crazy for their Buckeyes, but keep it under control. GO BUCKS!

Written by Sydnie Lawrence’15


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