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Longest Quarter of the Year Has Many Bright Spots

The cold, gray winter months of January, February, and March make up the longest quarter of the school year, which will be filled with the assessments and work that we happily missed on our 18-day Winter Break. While these next months may seem dreary, there is quite a lot to look forward to in Quarter 3.


16th: MLK Celebration

19th: No School; MLK Day

24th: US Solo and Ensembly


7th: US Winter Formal

13th: No Classes; Professional Development

14th: Valentine’s Day

16th: No School; Presidents’ Day (4 day weekend!)

19th: US Band/Choir Pre-Contest Concert

23rd: US Choir/Orchestra Trip, Spring Sports Begin, Family Night

27th: No Classes; LS, MS, US Conferences


10th: Senior Fun Day

11th: Senior Trip

14-29th: SPRING BREAK!

In total from now until the end of March there are 19 days of no classes, 3 National Holidays, and 1 US dance, plus a multitude of sports and music competitions and concerts. While these coming months seem daunting and dreary, look at the bright side of things and think of the good that will comes in Quarter 3.

Written by Esther Lawrence’18


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