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Useful Apps for Your Phone

DeeDay-Countdown With a Badge (Free) allows you to count down the days to events of your choice. You select the dates or use the app’s prescheduled events that are categorized into six topics: sports, holidays, T.V. shows, events, and video games. Track your main countdown in your notification center.

Sleep Better  (Free): Track sleep, monitor dreams, set alarms, track moon cycles and improve sleep quality. From Runtastic, this app is integrated with Health Kit, which allows health and fitness apps to work together. By doing so, you can view all of your health and fitness data on one comprehensive dashboard. Set the device on your bed or next to your pillow to develop a better understanding of your sleep cycles. You can enter daily habits and variables, such as caffeine intakes and stress levels to measure their effects on your sleep.

Clear ($4.99) is a to-do and reminders app for day-to-day tasks. Personalize and color-code your clear lists to stay as organized as possible. The events can be synced through all of yourApple devices. This is a (PRODUCT)REDTM.  By purchasing this app, you can help be a part of (RED)’s fight against AIDS, providing 5 days’ worth of life-saving medicine to mothers with HIV.

Swype ($0.99) Why type when you can swype? You can customize keyboards with Swype’s themes of dark, earth, light, sand, and sun. This enables super fast typing. Quickly swipe your fingers over the letters that you want, and the keyboard predicts and fills in the rest. Swype understands the way you type with time, and you can tell it to add or delete words from your personal dictionary.

Photo Sphere Camera Did you ever want to take a 360° image?  With Photo Sphere Camera you can  and publish them on Google Maps. Create high-resolution photo spheres that let you look up, down, backwards, forwards, and all around. At up to 50 megapixels, you can now revisit the places you have been and share them with the world.

Humin (Free) reorganizes your contacts based on their relationship with you, and it makes it easier and faster to search your contact information. Search queries like, “Met at Columbus Academy” or “Saw last week.” The app also learns and adapts to your past behavior to predict who you will want to get in touch with in the future and so the more that it is used the smarter that its predictions become.

Hyperlapse provides an easy way to create stunning time-lapse videos. This was previously, a time-consuming and difficult endeavor. Also, you can easily share them on Instagram and Facebook. Best of all, this app will also work on you phone’s front-facing camera. Who doesn’t want time-lapse selfies?

Written by Deeksha Bathini’17




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