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Exams and 18 Days of Relaxation

As the business of the final two weeks approaches the Columbus Academy community, it is important for students to stay motivated until the end of exam week. With a generous 18-day winter break, students should understand that after all the hard work put in during these next weeks, there will be plenty of time to relax.

This does not mean to extend yourself to the point of being unhealthy. It is important to maintain balance, even in the most stressful of times. Below are tips for staying motivated, while still sustaining a positive outlook:

  • Set goals for the next two weeks to keep in mind the end result
  • Stay organized with material on exams by having an outline of what the exam will test
  • Limit your distractions
    • Turn off phones, turn off Wifi on laptops and try to find a quiet study area
  • Take small breaks in between studying
    • Believe it or not, but taking small breaks can help regain focus, whereas long sessions can be more unproductive as they allow students’ minds to drift
  • If  you do begin to lose focus, exercising can serve as a nice break to reduce stress
    • Physical activity, such as running, causes the body to make endorphins, a chemical which helps produce positive feelings and lessen stress
  • Sleeping helps the body recharge, therefore, “all nighters” are not nearly as productive in comparison with shorter, but more intense study sessions

Don’t fear one exam to the point of weariness. It is just one grade. Students will take at least 25 exams by the time they graduate, so not doing as well as excepted on one will not mean you have failed your entire high school career. Best of luck, Vikings!

Written by Madeline Walter’15


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