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Netflix Review: Saving Virunga

A new Netflix documentary features the problems involved with preserving Virunga National Park, an area of over 2 million acres, from poachers, oil drillers, and even the rebel group, M23, accused of human rights’ crimes upon the thousands of people living in Eastern Congo.

Founded in 1925, the park  includes a volcano, the Rwindi Plains, Lake Edward, and the Rwenzori Mountains. Known as the most protected bio-diverse region in Africa, the park is home to thousands of people and to the highly-endangered Congolese mountain gorillas.

The passion of park rangers, caretakers, and the citizens of Virunga to protect this habitat shows us the best of human behavior against gas companies (the British SOCO, for example) who wanted to exploit Lake Edward for oil and the worst of human actions, those of M23.

Among the violence and corruption in Congo, you can witness those who are fighting for what is right. This inspiring feature will make you laugh and cry:  a must see.

Written by Camila Jones’17


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