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Bowling 101: Academy’s Bowling Season Has Begun

Strike, and you’re out!  While this baseball jargon is a common phrase, Columbus Academy’s bowling team knows a completely different meaning of “strike.”

Started four years ago, the team’s current coaches are Dan Olexio and Heather Gepper. Irion Mitchell, a private bowling coach, is new to Academy and will join the team to fine-tune the players.

The team’s practice schedule is unlike most other school sports. On one day, only the varsity practices, and then the next day  junior varsity might practice. This inconsistency  is one of the challenges the teams must face. In an ideal practice, two players bowl in one lane, so training can run efficiently.

When choosing captains, Olexio says, “[They] don’t have to be the best bowlers, but they must demonstrate certain characteristics such as leadership, passion, being respected by his or her teammates, and being the voice of reason.” This year’s captains are seniors Emma Farrenkopf, Leya Mohsin, Allie Wallace, and Max Smith and junior Aaron Brown.

Players to watch are Aaron Brown, Max Smith, Andrew Kennedy, Nick Smith, Sean Reagan, Leya Mohsin, Emma Farrenkopf, Allie Wallace, and newcomer, Metty Schroeder. 34 students tried out for this year’s teams.

Academy competes in the Central Division of Central Ohio Conference.  Some challenging teams for the boys are Bishop Ready, St. Charles, and DeSales. For the girls, their rivals include Northland, Bishop Ready, Hartley, Whetstone, and DeSales.

Matches lasts for an hour and a half with two game types and two rounds of each type.

Written by Nida Pervez’16


Home Address

High Performance Lanes

2012 Innis Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43224


2 @ Sequioia Pro Bowl vs. Centennial 4:00

3 vs. Whetstone 4:00

8 @ Sequioia Pro Bowl vs. Beechroft 4:00

12 vs. Linden McKinley 4:00


5 vs. Bishop Watterson 4:00

6 @ Western Lanes vs. Bishop Ready 4:00

7 @ Sequioia Pro Bowl vs. Northland 4:00

12 vs. Columbus International 4:00

21 vs. Mifflin 4:00

23 vs. New Albany 4:00

29 @ Capri Lanes vs. Worthington Christian 4:00

30 vs. Haugland Learning Center 4:00

31 @ Columbus Bowl (MSL Championships) 1:00


2 @ Holiday Lanes vs. Bishop Hartley 4:00

3 vs. St. Charles Preparatory 4:00

5 vs. Desales 4:00


Boys Bowling Team

Max Smith’15 Varsity

Aaron Brown’16 Varsity

Andrew Kennedy’16 Varsity

Sean Reagan’16 Varsity

Nick Smith’17 Varsity

Jacob Taub’17 Varsity

Michael Reagan’18 Varsity

Mario Bosca’15

David Brown’15

Ryan Cologgi’15

Vijay Kaza’15

Ethan Zoog’15

Sam Hillman’16

Emre Kahraman’16

Nathan Salon’16


Girls Bowling Team

Maddie Edwards’15 Varsity

Emma Farrenkopf’15 Varsity

Leya Mohsin’15 Varsity

Talia Shiroma’15 Varsity

Allie Wallace’15 Varsity

Mary Kate Kelley’16 Varsity

Metty Schroeder’16 Varsity

Sydnie Boykins’15

Caroline Savage’15

Samantha Hunker’16

Jenna Kent’16

Kami Tibbles’17

Elizabeth  Szabo’18



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