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“Toy Story 4” on Its Way

Toy Story fans are in for a treat. Director John Lasseter announced  Toy Story 4 which will be released in 2017.  Since its first premiere in 1995, this movie series has created a buzz. Its latest edition was Toy Story 3 in June, 2010.

All sequels of the original movie have caused more excitement and popularity with almost all generations.The first Toy Story made about $30 million in its opening weekend in 1995 while Toy Story 3 made $110 million 15 years later.

The announcement of a fourth sequel is great for both fans and producers, as it is sure to bring in even more money than its previous films. Some supporters of the next movie are skeptical of a box office blockbuster because its predecessors were so successful. With Toy Story’s  popularity, however, the fourth sequel  is likely to draw out large crowds for much loved series.

Written by Camila Jones’17


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