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Eight Sides and Eight Angles

Octagon is one of those apps that can be described as “less is more.” The object of the game is to not fall. Players control their icon by using  arrow keys. Swipe left to go left, swipe right to go right, and in some instances the plate will be above, which uses the up arrow key. To pass each level, players must maneuver their way through platforms for about 60 seconds. Each level has different settings, so player will not get bored of going through the same obstacle over and over. Octagon features a colorful yet minimal design. As a player’s avatar moves through the panels, colors will change.

For some Octagon is a stress releaser, and for others it produces stress. It can help release stress, because it is a game. It just lets the player have fun. For others, however, staying on the platforms causes stress. Octagon is a popular free app on laptops that can put some of us into a time warp. On an iPhone it costs $1.99. Personally, no matter how frustrated I get, I can play it for an hour and it feels like 5 minutes.

Written by Kirsten Huhl’18


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