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Volkswagen Launches 300 MPG Car

Volkswagen recently launched its most advanced car yet: the XL1, German carmaker’s first plug-in hybrid. The car is said to get over 300 miles to a gallon of gas. In addition to holding just 2.6 gallons of gas, the car can travel 32 miles on the battery alone.

The vehicle’s low fuel consumption is credited to its wind resistance and “amazing design,” according to Volker Kaese, head of the XL1 project. The XL1’s designers constructed the car to have a wider front than back similar to the shape of sharks, so the rear wheels are covered to prevent air turbulence.

The exterior is a lightweight, carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic shell called a monocoque, the common structure of Formula 1 racing cars. The XL1 has carbon fiber doors and polymer side windows to lessen the weight.

Volkswagen intends to market 200 of the vehicles, but none will be sold in America.

At $167,736, the Volkswagen XL1 may be worth the buy if it means less problems with emission.

Written by Michael Zhang’17


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