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Apple: Running Out of Steam

When Apple released an iOS update on October 20th, it introduced a bug that disabled cellular service for nearly 50,000 users. Not only that, but Apple’s phones are bendable, and iCloud has been criticized for its security. Don’t forget Apple Pay: More than 36 merchants have blocked users from paying with their iDevice.


Touting Apple Pay as iOS 8’s most notable feature as a payment app is ludicrous. Getting a credit card from one’s wallet is not that hard. If Microsoft did this, Apple supporters would claim  Microsoft is running out of ideas. No one complains when Apple develops something that is not groundbreaking.

A reasonable theory is that Apple has become so popular that consumers are willing to look past Apple’s failings and get the latest iFlop. No innovative ideas have come from Apple in a while.

Pebble Watch was released in 2013, yet Apple is late to the game for its similar device. Apple could become irrelevant in several years if it can’t bring in some fresh new ideas.

Dimitri Vasilkov’15


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