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Wearable Technology

At the most recent InterBattery convention, Samsung demonstrated a flexible battery concept. LG Chem, an LG subsidiary is also working on a flexible battery. Many companies are releasing wrist electronics.

Processors and other parts necessary for computing are shrinking every year as designers begin to create circuits on the microscopic level. This means that watches will be a viable alternative for smart phones in the near future. Rather than taking a phone out of one’s pocket, one simply needs to interact with the smart watch. At the moment, it’s possible to answer calls, check the time and weather, and do several other basic tasks on a smart watch. Perhaps in one to two years, we’ll see a product that can make us even more connected to technology than we already are.

Maybe Apple’s iWatch will be for the wearable sector what the iPad was for the tablet industry. In any case, flexible batteries will allow this novel technology to be more comfortable, as eventually the entire watch will likely be able to bend.

Written by Dimitri Vasilkov’15


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