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Fantasy Football At Academy

Fantasy football, a popular ESPN competition, is the talk of the school. Before the season starts, players create leagues and pick players for teams. People compete with their imaginary lineups and score points according to their selected NFL players’ performance.

Teachers and students participate using entry fees to enter a league, with a winner, who takes-all stakes.

“I’m in two leagues,” explains, history teacher,  Mr. Thomas, who says, “One league is with a group of guys and one girl who have been playing together for 4 years, and another league is with Academy faculty. I spend entirely too much time obsessing over my roster.”

Sam Tuckerman’ 16 says, “I play in a league with my friends. You have to pay money to enter, and whoever wins luckily gets the pot. We play every year, and it is one of my favorite traditions to do with my friends.”

Written by Caroline Aronowitz’16



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