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Fall 2014 TV Preview

Need some new shows to watch after catching up on or finishing your TV shows on Netflix? Check out these new shows that are premiering this fall.

Gotham. Fox. Premieres: Monday, September 22nd at 8/7 C. Category: Drama

This is the original story of future Gotham police commissioner, Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie, as a young police detective whose life starts to change when he and his partner, Harvey Bullock,  investigate the murder of the parents of a young Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz. Gotham also follows the origin’s of other DC Comics’ villains as Catwoman, Penguin, and the Riddler.

Black-ishABC.Premieres: Wednesday, September 24th at 9/8 C. Category: Comedy

Centered around one man’s (comedian Anthony Anderson) attempt to establish a cultural identity for his family after he realizes that his children don’t have one, Dre (played by Anderson) and Tracee, his wife, have their hands full working and raising 4 kid, including son Andre, who really wants a bar mitzvah even though they’re not Jewish.

How to get Away with Murder.  ABC. Premieres: Thursday, September 25 at 10/9 c.Category: Drama

This is Shonda Rhimes’ (creator of hit TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal) newest creation: a legal thriller that stars Viola Davis (from The Help) as a serious law school professor whose students contend for her approval and a desk at her highly acclaimed law firm. After the students get caught up in a murder plot, they must figure our how to get away with it. This show is bound to be full of drama and big plot twists based upon Rhimes’ other shows.

Written by Avanti Patel’15


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