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Varsity Girls Soccer Defeats Zane Trace

With just a minute left on the clock, everyone on Hondros Field knew the next goal decided the winner of this crucial game on September 6th. Suddenly, Academy took control, intensifying the pace as they kept the ball in possession and passed it from player to player, reaching Sophie Krings’17 with fewer than 30 seconds on the clock. Krings kicked the ball, which sped past Zane Trace’s goalie, and the ball made contact with the net. 


For a moment, the stadium was silent, taking in what had just happened. Then Academy’s home side and its team jumped up and cheered for Krings. With only 15 seconds left on the clock, the Vikings had pulled off a last-minute goal that gave them the victory at 2-1. Lily Risk’16 had scored earlier in the first half before Zane Trace equalized the game at the start of the second.

With this September 6th victory, the girls soccer team stands at 5-2. Although losing a star player, Katarina Weikert’14, last season other Viking girls have stepped up including key scorers, Krings’17,  Risk’16, Annie Meachem’15, and Kelly Brown’15. Neve Adler’16 has also played an essential role as the team’s goalie.

The girls’ next challenge is Worthington Christian on September 11th. Worthington Christian is always a strong division rival for both the boys and girls soccer teams, and this competition will play a large role in the regular season. This crucial match-up will be on September 11th at 7:15 on Hondros Field.

Written by Varun Vallabhaneni’16


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