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Student, Staff, and Teacher Profiles

Teacher: Mrs. Scott

Best read of the summer: The Girls of the Atomic City

Favorite Robin William movie: Mrs. Doubtfire

Most anticipated Academy events: Homecoming, sporting and artistic events

Childhood dream job: Pediatric onocologist

Hardest part of school year preparation: Building a new curriculum

Staff: Mrs. Dell

Best read of the summer: An assortment of “How To” books and children’s books she reads to her grandchildren who she instills with a love of literature

Favorite Robin Williams movie: Mrs. Doubtfire and Dead Poets Society

Most anticipated academy event: Getting the chance to see her three grandchildren at Academy in their plays and presentations and being able to contribute to Academy service projects.

Childhood dream job: Teacher, nurse, and mother. Being a mother has allowed me to educate and care for others.

Hardest Part of School Year Preparation: The process of collecting curriculum information from over 150 teachers at the end of a busy school year.

Mrs. Dell loves her job because, “I have the opportunity to know nearly all the adults who work at CA because I work with people in all three divisions, including kitchen staff and members of the facilities crew.”

Student: Sophie Krings’16

Best read of the summer: Sophie did not have a favorite!

Favorite Robin Williams movie: Mrs. Doubtfire

Most anticipated academy event: First Friday

Childhood dream job: Disney Channel star

Hardest part of school year preparation: Adjusting sleep schedule

Feature: Sophie spent the best times of her summer in Scotland for a student program at St. Andrews. From that experience, she formed friendships with kids around the world. She found they were enthusiastic about learning and traveling to America. As a result, she thinks Academy would benefit from more foreign exchange students. Despite her fun, she still holds that American food is best, especially compared to Scottish food. Back in school, she got to kick off her soccer season in Crew’s Stadium, which she said was, “nerve-racking because you really want to do well in there.” She believes the new block system is a nice way to balance classes and homework, especially for a student athlete. On the new skirt policy Krings states, “Its not so bad, but I’d still like to have my own choice in what I would wear.”


Written by Maddie Vaziri’16 and Cam Taylor’15

Photos by Anna Robinson’15 and Maddie Vaziri’16




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