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Music Review: V

Maroon 5’s long-awaited fifth album, appropriately titled, V, dropped today and topped the iTunes top 10-album chart at number 1. After its summer hit, Maps,” was released earlier this year, people were excited for what was to come with the band’s new album.

V is full of mostly upbeat songs like “Animal” and “Come Back for You,” but there a few slower ballads mixed in, such as “My Heart is Open” (feat. Gwen Stefani) and “Unkiss Me.” Though many of the songs on this new album lean more towards full-on pop songs, hints of Maroon 5’s original sound, that encompassed their debut album, Songs About Jane (2002), can be heard in Levine’s vocals. This album will satisfy life-long Maroon 5 fans and also attract new ones.

Maroon 5 also announced tour dates today for their 2015 Word Tour, which will stop in Columbus March 11th at Nationwide Arena.

Written by Avanti Patel’15

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