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Food Review: SuperChef’s Breakfast

Rotelli’s closed earlier this year, and in its place is SuperChef’s, which offers over-the-top breakfast and more. This new eatery focuses on intense flavors, vibrant palettes, and creative presentations. Other than breakfast, it serves a variety of appetizers, omelets, sandwiches, specialties, waffles, lunches, super dollars and sides.

The owners of this business are childhood friends, and local natives, Ryan Bryson and Darnell Ferguson. They began their first SuperChef’s Breakfast in Louisville, KY, in 2012. After great success with three restaurants in Kentucky, they decided to make the move and open one in their home town.

Bryson graduated from University of Findlay with degrees of law & liberal arts and business management. The other wiz and a chef behind the company, Ferguson, excelled in culinary arts at Sullivan University. For his great work and culinary travels, he was awarded the chance to be a chef for the U.S.A’s 2008 Beijing Olympics Team.

With their previous experiences with success and great background knowledge, they hope to excel with their restaurant-now open on Cherry Bottom Road.

The menu is huge:

Written by Nabeel Khan’15

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