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5 Free Apps You Need To Download

Piggy Break

This addicting game, already popular in the U.K., has the potential to become the next “flappy bird.” Guide two cartoon pigs around barbed wire, chainsaws, and more to escape the farm. Be careful: if you run into an obstacle, your pigs will turn into bacon, steak, and ribs.


Apple’s 2013 “App of the Year” award isn’t given to any old app. Duolingo can teach you up to five languages through simple lessons and games. You can even connect with your friends and compete to see who can progress the fastest. This app is especially valuable for Spanish students looking to review beginning grammar and vocabulary forgotten over the summer.


8tracks is popular music website but was recently transformed into an app. The format is similar to instagram but with playlists instead of photographs. Users create playlists for almost anything: titles range from Pumpkin Spice (a playlist for fall) to Studying, But in a Punk Way (a studying playlist, but for punks I suppose?). To create a playlist, you’ll need to go to the website (, but the app is perfect for listening on the go.

TuneIn Radio

Yes, this is another radio app. You already have Pandora, so why would you need this? TuneIn Radio doesn’t create stations but instead offers hundreds of radio stations from around the world. Have you ever wanted to listen to a Madagascar pop station? Perhaps an alternative station from Poland? Maybe not, but regardless this app is worth a try.

 CA Life

It’s possible this is shameless self-promotion, but how else will you get the latest Academy news? Former Academy Life co-editor, Nikhil Patel’14, created the app last year to make the newspaper easily accessible to students. With just one tap you’ll be able to catch up on sports, news, and entertainment.

Written by Annie Dunlap’15


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