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Spring Activities

With about two months left until Summer Break and temperatures slowly rising, it seems like there is nothing left to do but sit inside and study while we wait for our next three months off.

As we endure these final weeks, there is plenty to do. If you like to stay indoors and cuddle up, watch your favorite TV episodes and movies on Netflix. From old favorites like Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius to new fads like Breaking Bad, Netflix is only eight dollars a month and worth every penny.

Another indoor option is to bake yummy  cookies or cupcakes for energy. Snuggling up with tea, blankets, and a good book also help to cure any lingering winter blues, which have lasted for too long.

If you like adventures, consider downloading the “My Day” countdown application for your smartphone. This allows you to plug in important future dates like the first day of summer vacation or the date of your next standardized test.

You can enjoy an upcoming concert or dinner with friends. Some artists that will be visiting Columbus include Mayday Parade (May 3) and  the 1975 (May 5). Before the event, you can grab a bite to eat at a new, popular restaurant. A delicious option for dinner is the recently added Melt Bar and Grill on High Street. Here, you can splurge on a grilled cheese the size of your head, and afterwards, if you regret your menu decision,  you can burn those calories off at a different Melt: Melt Hot Fitness in Westerville. This venue provides hot yoga and other workout classes for those who want to burn some calories or just be in a warm environment. You can warm up and and productive at the same time.

Highbanks Metro Parks is a great option for a hike with your friends over the weekend or to unwind after school. With many trails ranging in length and difficulty, Highbanks is right off Route 23 and an easy, fun option for those who want to enjoy nature and that sunshine that hasn’t been around for way too long. Whether you are a hibernator or a springtime adventurer, countless options are available to pass the time before the last week of school.

Written by Annie Meacham’15, Ella Ransom’15, and Riley Ransom’15


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