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We’ve all been there. You skipped breakfast or are just plain hungry. So we make the  desperate trip to the  vending machines, the “vendies,” which are lifesavers for just about everyone who has to wait 5 hours until lunch. It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for because with all 5 machines, they have enough food to satisfy most any craving.

Sweet or salty, chocolates, chips, sugary sweets galore: this vending machine has got your back on the stressful school days when you need comfort food.

On the healthier side, there is also what students refer to as “the healthy machine,” which was installed  in 2012 and has since been a hit. It is filled with organic chips, portable applesauce, string cheese, popcorn, and a special favorite, pretzel crisps. This vendie sells nutritional food, but it also is the first vending machine at the school with a credit card reader.  And if your tasty snacks make you thirsty, this appliance also contains Starbucks Refreshers, Arnold Palmers, and Ice sparkling juices.

If those drinks don’t satisfy your needs, three other machines are filled with gatorade, soda, and flavored water.

Everything is moderately priced under $2.

So if you’re hungry, thirsty, or wondering where all your friends went during activities period, head down to the “vendies” to cure that stomach growling or craving.

by Sydney Lawrence’15


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