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We care so much because it’s women ice hockey

Academy classrooms  were filled with excited students on Thursday, February 20th as some teachers took time away from their lesson plans to watch the Olympics. The American women’s team played the Canadians, and in the third-quarter, the US was ahead  at 2-0. With only four minutes left, Canada scored–and then again with just under a minute–which tied up the game. If you walked through Academy’s hallways, you could tell something was wrong.The upper school was buzzing as the teams took this game into its sudden-death overtime.Although only a few Academy kids follow women’s hockey throughout the year, this athletic experience brought the school together and opened conversations between peers.

Maybe America and Canada are bigger rivals than ever in women’s hockey now, yet seeing your teachers and classmates get into something like a hockey game as much as everyone did on Thursday was a great experience. It’s nice to see people being so passionate about something they generally don’t know a lot about, simply out of sheer American pride.

Written by Caroline Anders’17


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