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Netflix and Valentine’s Day

A recent Forbes article shows that Netflix has the loyalty and attention of more viewers than any cable network. A BTIG analyst, Richard Greenfield, has found that the use of Netflix averages out to about 80 minutes of viewing per subscriber per day. As of the end of last year, Netflix accounted for more than 30 million subscribers. It is such a unique subscription because viewers are able to choose from over 100,000 movies and TV series, for only 7.99 a month. No commercials, no pop up ads, and no time limit. The best part about joining Netflix is that the first month is absolutely free.

This year’s Valentine’s Day should prove to be successful for Netflix viewers and possibly new subscribers. As the trending twitter joke of, “Netflix as my Valentine” continues, the ongoing stats of Netflix’s quickly rising popularity shows this joke is coming true. Another unique aspect about Netflix is that it has created multiple original TV series and movies that only air on the website. The company has targeted this audience of stay-at-home lovers by purposefully releasing the entire second season of its famous original series, “House of Cards,” on Valentine’s Day.

Netflix’s ability to buy the viewing rights to popular movies fresh out of the theater raises the likability level to a whole new standard, slowly surpassing cable channels and movie theater tickets of eleven dollars as they rise to the top. It is addicting, economical, unlimited, and truly an unbeatable deal.

Written by Christina Lee’16




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