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Meanwhile in Russia . . .

What does it take to be an Olympic Bobsledder? It takes incredible strength. It takes fierce determination. It takes the ability to punch through doors?

On Saturday, February 8th, American bobsledder, Johnny Quinn, was forced to punch his way through a door after being stuck in the bathroom. Quinn stated that the door was not locked, just jammed, so he used his “bobsled push training to break out.”

Quinn, a former Green Bay Packer, stands at 6 feet, 220 pounds, and had no problem smashing his way out. When he was attempting to catch someone’s attention by banging on the door, he was “banging on random parts, going around the bathroom, and  kind of hit the door and it cracked.” So he little bit harder, and his fist went through the door.”

This bathroom jail break, however, has not been the only Sochi Olympic Village snafu. Several athletes have complained about subpar living accommodations and dirty drinking water. These complications, paired with the infamous ring failure during the Opening Ceremonies have turned the 2014 Olympics into a series of blunders.

The Sochi Olympics began in controversy. Many countries hesitated to send their teams after reports of terrorism and hijacking threats in Sochi and faced another diplomatic hurdle after Russian officials stated that gay athletes were not welcome and “gay propaganda among minors” would be banned.

While some technical difficulties and faulty doors are not nearly as serious as terror threats and discrimination, they are additional items to add on this Winter Olympic’s growing laundry list of farces and faults.

Written by Sarah Wexner’17


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