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Album Releases: M.I.A. and Yuna

Artist: M.I.A

Album: Matangi

Release Date: November 5, 2013

The hit single “Bad Girls” that’s been out for a while  finally has an album to call home. MIA’s sixth album Matangi has been criticized, however, since it echoes her signature style shown in her most popular song “Paper Planes.”  International sounds of the Middle East are very prominent and heavy on Matangi as well. My favorite song off of the album “Karmageddon,” is incredibly peaceful, entrancing, and refers to the continuous cycle of samasara (the repeating cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth). Perfect to listen to when stuck in traffic during a snowstorm.


Artist: Yuna

Album: Nocturnal

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Yuna Zarai’s sophomore album Nocturnal is full of calming harmonies and decent songwriting. With her lush voice, she has created a style of music that blends soul, R&B, electronic, and an entirely separate sub-genre of pop. In this album, she has no fear when it comes to throwing out her most personal emotions onto the album regarding love, uncertainty, and regret when it comes to acknowledging the past. Many of the songs on this album tell love stories and tales of being lost in love. For example, one of my favorites off of the album, “I Wanna Go,” talks about how she wants to follow her boyfriend to New York City.

I’d highly recommend this album, especially if you like relatable lyrics and tranquil melodies. It’s perfect to listen to when you are sitting next to the fire relaxing and drinking hot chocolate on those frigid winter nights.

Written by Ciara Fekete’14


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