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Movie Review: Frozen

Frozen, the latest Disney princess movie, has achieved phenomenal success since its opening on November 27, 2013, leading the box office for several weeks and being nominated for Best Animated Feature.

In the past few years, a series of new princesses, including Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (2009) and Rapunzel from Tangled (2010) have been released. So the announcement that Frozen was to hit theaters came as no surprise.

The movie focuses on two sisters, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Elsa can freeze objects. After accidentally harming Anna with her power, Elsa’s parents decide to hide her in the palace, away from the rest of the world. Everything changes on coronation day years later when Elsa becomes Queen, and the palace gates are open to the outside for the first time.

Losing control after an argument with Anna, Elsa’s powers cause their whole village to freeze, which reveals her ability  to the public. Elsa runs off after the ice catastrophe, leaving Anna to bring her back home.

The eye-catching animation and the memorable tunes make the movie enjoyable for all ages. Is it the best Disney princess movie so far? Go see it for yourself, and find out.

Written by Sydnie Boykins’15


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