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Blood Drive

If you have known people in a car accident or with cancer, chances are they needed a blood transfusion.  It is the generosity of blood donors that makes this possible. There is no better way to kick off 2014 than saving up to three lives at our Blood Drive on January 15, 2014.

Cold and flu season increases the need for blood. Bad weather causes many donors to cancel, making January the hardest month for Red Cross. Help us reach the donor goal, and sign up at using the sponsor code: “Columbus Academy.” 

Donors receive free Chris Cakes this Wednesday morning. They also get full dress down for the event. Past donors promise participation is worth overcoming any doubts. Ella Ransom’15 says, “ The possibility that giving blood means saving someone’s life and helping them and their families is enough to forget about a fear of needles. Giving blood for me is worth any extra effort because I know that it could easily be me or someone I care about who could be in the position where they’re relying on the donations of others.”

Although age and travel restrictions may prevent you from donating, volunteering is a great way to earn service hours. You can sign up outside Mrs. Dillon’s office to help out during free periods. Volunteers also can wear dress down from the waist up, while all other students are encouraged to wear red.

Margaret Kaye, Leya Mohsin, and Riley Ransom are heading the Blood Drive, so they can address any further questions and concerns. America requires more than 41,000 blood donations a day. Begin your contributions to this cause Wednesday.

Further Information on donor restrictions:

Written by Maddie Vaziri’16

Photos courtesy of  Christie Bening


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