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Stellar Year for “Kids for Kids” Donations

“The upper schoolers carried the drive this year,” said Mrs. Bening, faculty advisor of Service Board, as she beamed when asked about this year’s annual Food Drive. The clever Hunger Games revamp inspired students to band together and be of service to the community this fall.

You may remember those short Hunger Games style clips that were played at assemblies and the Food Drive competition that took place among advisories. 

The sixth grade made meals, and seventh-graders sorted other donations for each sponsored family. All items were distributed by faithful Service Board representatives who spent their weekend carting vans of food to families. Leftover contributions will be stored at the Brookwood Food Pantry. Any soon-to-be expired items have been donated to various, local organizations.

While Mrs. Bening noted the Food Drive was clearly a smash, she said, “We always struggle with stuff for really little children.We didn’t get as much of that this year, and we often have to make a plea to get those kind items.”

Every piece of usable clothing is dispatched to someone who can use it. First, volunteers set aside the items requested by the Childhood League. Next, Academy uniforms are taken to the clothes closet by Mr. Neal’s room. A CSG group picks some things, and then all appropriate clothing is taken to a shelter for homeless men. Finally, any remaining clothing goes to a free-store in Gahanna.

Service Board strives not to waste anything at all. “We do our best to try meet the needs of the families, and then we just keep asking people ‘Do you want this,?’” says Bening. And there’s never any charge for it.

Next year when Academy’s second annual ‘Hunger Games’ rolls around, a concerted effort will be needed to top this year’s extraordinary work.

Written by Caroline Anders’17


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