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The 12:40 Stomach Growl

The clock strikes 12:40. Students jump from their seats. The race to beat the lunch line begins. The dining hall offers a wide variety of meals, from a plate full of pierogies to a salad topped with chicken and walnuts, but every student has a top pick. Here, a few high schoolers share theirs.

“As I head to the lunchroom, the juicy smell of my favorite Academy meal begs me to partake. It’s hamburgers! A day topped with lettuce, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard. And I cannot wait to pile my plate high with crispy brown French Fries and a mock-Big Mac. Unlike most students, I create art when making my perfect meal. Step 1: order two hamburgers. Step 2: take the bottom bun off one of the burgers and stack what remains on the other burger. Step 3: add cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. Step 4: throw crispy, golden brown fries on the side to complete the masterpiece. The first bite comes naturally!” (Cameron Taylor’15)

“Pierogies trump all other lunch offerings at school. Hands down. These European style dumplings, with mashed potatoes stuffed inside doughy shells never fail to awe me. A stressful day filled with tests quickly becomes relaxed with a warm plate-full of pierogies. Their soft and crunchy texture has the ability to cure my pains and relieve my worries.” (Nabeel Khan’15)

“When it’s wings day, you’ll probably know. I come out from the lunchroom not only smiling, but also with sticky fingers and sauce all over my face. Out of all the lunches Sage dining service has to offer, wings tops my list: hot, tender chicken covered in a fiery barbecue sauce usually served alongside macaroni and cheese and cornbread. How can you beat that? I eagerly wait for November 18, the next day I get to enjoy my favorite Academy lunch. (Sydney Lawrence’15)

Written by Margaret Sutton’14


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