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Whole Foods: whole prices

Opening next fall, the new Morse Road Whole Foods already has everyone’s attention, and mouths are watering. The only question is whether people are excited because they’ll be cutting down on a long car ride, or because they’re favorite foods will be closer than ever.

For the average Columbus Academy student, organic is the norm, and while our parents may have grown up on brands like Hostess and Little Debbie, we crave healthy, not HoHo. As the craze for healthy and organic food continues, Whole Foods Market is in the center of the feeding frenzy.

But one thing is certain: Whole Foods isn’t called the “paycheck eater” for no reason. The same products that can be found at other grocery stores can be found at Whole Foods for twice, even three times the cost.

Yet, for some reason, once you go to Whole Foods, its hard not to go back. Even though the few extra bucks you pay for a bag of peas may seem ridiculous, we seem more than willing to pay, even excitedly so.

Shopping organic has became a status symbol, and while some people really are interested in improving their health and environment, others simply want to walk around with the brown Whole Foods bags.

Written by Sarah Wexner’17





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