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Tips for Waking Up on School Days

We’re four weeks into the school year, and chances are you’re still having trouble getting out of bed. I often find myself sprinting through the hallways towards check-in at 7:59am to avoid being late (for the 6th time in a row). If you need that extra detention-avoiding push in the morning, try these tricks for getting yourself out of bed.

Move your alarm clock across the room. If the only way to turn your irritatingly loud alarm off is to get out of bed, you’ll be up in no time.

Play a game on your phone when you wake up. Games that require focus, like candy crush, help you out of the initial state of grogginess. (Make sure to limit your playing time.) 

Exercise.  A quick jog around the block,or simple exercises (such as sit-ups or push-ups) are excellent ways to wake yourself up–as long as you’re willing to wake up an extra half hour–that is.

Blast up-beat music while you get ready. Dance or upbeat pop music is fun to listen to, and the fast-pace will pump you up for the day.

Drink a glass of cold water. Drinking water as soon as you wake up will stimulate your body and help you stay awake.

Get into the shower while it’s cold. The shock of the cold water will wake you up instantly. If you don’t shower in the mornings, splash cold water on your face.

Regulate your sleep schedule. How tired you are depends partially on the consistency of your sleep schedule. Going to bed at 10:00PM one night, and the next at 1:00AM will disrupt your body’s sleep schedule.

Don’t stay up until dawn doing homework. If it’s 1:30am and you’ve been studying for a while, go to sleep. Staying up until the sun rises isn’t good for your physical, mental, or academic health. Your teachers would rather you not turn in a homework assignment than sleep through class.

Written by Annie Dunlap’15


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