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Columbus, Ohio: Gem of the midwest.

Columbus has topped the lists for years, and this year has been named 36th in the country for business growth, ninth for city growth, and fifth for employment opportunities. In April, Columbus was even given the distinction of the Most Intelligent City in America. Columbus, thus, has much to offer. As a native born Columbus resident, I tend to overlook all that my hometown has and often forget that our city isn’t as boring it sometimes seems from a longtime resident’s eyes. Rankings aside, Columbus offers some stunning attractions that continue to draw in visitors and new residents from around the country.

With only one year left before I leave Columbus for college, I am making the effort to look at my city from an outsider’s perspective and discover some of the best locations in the city. Through experiences new and old, I have come up with a list of my top five favorite places in the city of Columbus.

The North Market has been a favorite of mine for years. Located downtown and just across the street from The Convention Center, this multi-cultural market is always bustling with locals and visitors alike. Eating at The North Market is a diverse experience, as it offers delicious options from Turkish to Thai. But it isn’t just the amazing food that makes The North Market so splendid. The market also offers open air Farmer’s Markets and Artisan Sundays, when local artisans and crafters sell their wares on the plaza outside the market.

Getting its start at The North Market, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is another old favorite that is sure to please. Now with 11 locations in the Columbus area, this shop consistently wows costumers with its unique, scrumptious flavors,  like chocolate with cayenne and lemon and blueberry.

The Wexner Center for the Arts offers a different fare that could not be found at any art museum. With movie nights, performing arts events, and traveling exhibits, this center offers an exciting cultural experience.

German Village is a new favorite of mine. Located just south of downtown, this cozy, historic spot is home to both older residents and a new generation of trendy, young villagers. Home to fantastic cuisine, German village boasts many delicious bistros and small delicatessens. Whether in German Village for the food or to simply appreciate the beautiful architecture, I always enjoy myself.

The Short North, in my opinion, contains all the best things Columbus has to offer, wrapped up in one neat little package. Located just north of downtown, centered on High Street, The Short North is a bustling hub of art, music, food, and culture. The Short North is home to delicious restaurants, tea shops, art galleries, record stores, and much more. It also plays host to Columbus’ annual Gay Pride Parade. To see all it has to offer, one should visit The Short North on the first Sunday of the month to take part in the Gallery Hop.

With another year’s exploration ahead of me, I’m sure Columbus will not disappoint.

Written by Elliot Nick’13


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