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Apple May Be On Its Last Legs with iOS 7

When Apple releases its new mobile operating system, iOS 7, this fall, it will feature some of the most significant changes to the user interface since platform’s creation.

From the neon green of Messages to the electric blue of Safari, its vibrant colored palette will be the most striking appearance. Layers and transparency allow users to see the complete context of what they are doing.  Apple has also redesigned all of its signature app icons.

From the lock screen, the latest functionality of the iOS is immediately recognizable. Notification center is now available from here and an overview of the users’ day can be seen from the calendar events that appear on the screen.

Control Center is now a faster way to have access to many settings and features from any screen. A swipe upward from the bottom of the screen will reveal a series of controls from brightness to music to the camera.

Multitasking is more helpful than ever before with displays of what a user is currently doing in each of the apps, rather than just the icons. Apps will also update themselves in the background.

An exciting app is AirDrop. With this, people can share photos and other files with their contacts   easily. This will make it simpler than ever to share pictures at a group event rather than waiting for others to get the same picture with their own camera (something we all know parents love to do).

One of the most visually interesting improvements is the dynamic parallax effect on the home screen which creates an almost 3D effect. Apple has also made a variety of improvements to the camera, music, and Safari apps.

Almost every one of these improvements will make the iPhone a more powerful device than ever, but with more power comes more responsibility. I fear the new iOS will drain the battery of Apple devices faster than its predecessors. To see iOS 7 in action, visit

I’m not convinced Apple can retain its top position in the tech industry for much longer. While I am excited to get iOS 7 (and will admit that I even tried to get it early), I believe several of these features are too similar to Googleís Android operating system. For example, the new multitasking appearance is almost identical to that of Android, but with a 90˚ rotation.

Although OS has a few cool upgrades like Control Center and AirDrop, nothing is revolutionary in the latest iOS. Apple’s power has always been knowing what consumers wanted, before they even knew they wanted it. After Steve Jobs passing, however, that power may have gone with him.

Written by Nikhil Patel’14


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