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Academy Honors Day of Silence on April 19th

While justices debate LGBT rights in the Supreme Court, Academy students advocate them in our community. GSA Club plans to implement the annual Day of Silence on a larger scale this year on April 19th. Club leaders, Casey Lange and India Sherman, hope localizing the issue will drive the matter home.

Sherman believes making their endeavor “more visible in our school will add participants.” As a result, this Day of Silence features posters, badges, and a promo video. Students may also enter a box in which they can write ideas and confessions relating to the Day of Silence in privacy. Finally, a “breaking of silence” party will close the event.

GSA remodeled its club to fit Academy’s students. These adjustments make it a home for activism more than a support group for LGBT students. With more structured meetings, the club’s efficiency has improved. Sherman said, “Casey and I have tried to breathe new life into it this year. It took a little while and some help, but its going successfully!”

April 19th comes at a crucial time in American history. While the nation wavers between tolerance and tradition, Columbus Academy savors a firm acceptance policy. As Sherman stated, “We are coming to terms with modern times, and the LGBT community is just asking for basics.”

Written by Maddie Vaziri’16



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