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Despite the weather feeling more like winter than spring, the baseball team began its pre-season both outside in below-freezing temperatures and in the gym and weight room. Taking advantage of crucial time for improvement, the team is preparing for 23 games.

Returning coach, Jim Collis, notices a lot about the team as he carefully analyzes training. Collis says,“We have excellent pitching, and we are working on our defense. We may have to play small ball until we see what our bats our going to be like. Captain Charlie Watters’14, Garrett Levine’14, Spencer York’14, and Scott Mackenzie’15 are pitchers, and co-captain, Lee Solomon’14, is moving to be our catcher. We have to work hard on our defensive approach.”

With 22 boys, the squad’s strength may lie partially in its numbers. Collis notes the team is young but is confident in its defensive ability.  Collis says, “To succeed this year, defense and the development of some younger kids are what we need in our program. In the MSL, baseball is probably the most competitive sport, so we will have to play well to be successful.”

Written by Kyle O’Hara’14


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