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Movie Review: Warm Bodies is Medium Rare

Quite frankly, Romeo and Juliet is overdone. How many times can you remake a story before it bores audiences? We would have guessed by the time it was made into an animated, talking-gnome film, people would understand the story has been exhausted. With that in mind, Warm Bodies is Romeo and Juliet meets the Twilight Saga. With a promising, fresh-faced cast and the ability to piggyback off the current Walking Dead-induced zombie obsession, the movie seemed destined to be a box office hit. But its forbidden-love plot is so tired that the movie will lull audiences to sleep or inspire laughter at the predictable tragic twists in this classic zombie-meets-girl tale.

Zombies are cured with love, or at least in the teenage romance world. Honestly, what girl wouldn’t fall for the hot dead guy who ate her boyfriend? It’s clear from the first introduction of young heroine, Julie (Teresa Palmer), her (ex) boyfriend, Perrie (Dave Franco), and future zombie boyfriend, R (Nicholas Hoult) that Warm Bodies is essentially Romeo and Juliet-post zombie-apocalypse, that is.

It’s clear this film’s producers  suffered from severe lack of creativity or chronic laziness. The cheesy predictable plot line and unoriginal character names make Warm Bodies the worst movie we’ve seen to date. Next time you and your friends plan a movie night, leave this horrendous version of Romeo and Juliet off your list.


by Annie Dunlap’15 and Kendall Silwonuk’15


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