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Hillary in 2016

The 2008 Democratic Primary was one of the closest in history, but Hillary Clinton wasted no time joining forces with Barack Obama as his Secretary of State. Four years later, after traveling one million miles by plane and visiting 112 countries, Hillary Clinton has created a lasting legacy for herself. 

Hillary’s success as Secretary of State is represented by the Obama administration’s biggest foreign policy achievements: ending the war in Iraq, bringing the war in Afghanistan to an end by next year, killing Osama Bin Laden, and repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” However much credit you give the President for such accomplishments, Hillary deserves the same, if not more. She was the driving force behind these efforts.

Her time as Secretary of State hasn’t been easy, and it has tested her true ability as a leader. In October, she took full blame for the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi. When she testified on the attack, she received harsh criticism from major republicans such as John McCain. But every low point in her career was overpowered by moments that will never be forgotten, such as her declaration of gay rights as human rights in Geneva or her hundreds of international speeches aimed at improving our international relations. She has left the United States with a better image abroad.

While her last month in office was plagued with a concussion and blood clot, she has made a full recovery and is back at work, making every last second of her term count.

Her success can be found with her record-high approval ratings. A Washington Post/ABC News poll in December found that 57% of Americans said they would vote for her in 2016. The same poll found she had a lifetime high favorability rating of 66%, and two-thirds of Americans approve of her job as Secretary of State.

Although she denies she will run for President in 2016, Democrats are already coming together to support one last run at the White House for Hillary. Newt Gingrich, an iconic conservative, increased speculation of a Hillary candidacy when he said, “the Republican party is incapable of competing at that level,” claiming his party would be completely outmatched.

The President has appointed John Kerry to replace Hillary as Secretary of State during his second term.

For now, Hillary needs one thing: some rest. She has earned it.

For me? I’ll go ahead and order my Hillary’16 tee-shirt.

Written by Matthew Brigstock ’13


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