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Geocaching is a fun, new app with a similar concept to the popular games such as hide-n-seek or treasure hunting. The iPhone app  has been available for some time; however, the idea of Geocaching itself has confused users. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt, in which participants hide “geocaches,” which are the treasure that waits for others to find them.

On the iPhone app, register an account either through Facebook or, and then press the “Find Nearby Geocaches.” By doing this, multiple geocaches will come up, showing their location and where to find them. Next, users select the geocache they wish to find and begin the hunt. To pursue the item, players are given a set of coordinates and directions to the geocache using persons’ current locations.

Once users find the geocache container, they sign their name in a logbook, which tracks the people having found the specific geocache.

At first geocaching can be confusing, but with time, participants fall for its exciting and rousing experience.

Written by Madeline Walter’16


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