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Movie Review: Lincoln

Last weekend, for his role in Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis won a lead actor’s award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. This, on top of a Golden Globe’s Award for best actor, is raising the hopes for the film at the Academy Awards this February.

Lincoln, produced by Steven Spielberg, was the product of over ten years of work. The plot follows the story of the 16th president and his efforts to pass the Thirteenth Amendment, officially banning slavery from the Constitution. His attempts to procure votes for the amendment gives insight into the complex negotiations needed to pass legislature.

As for Day-Lewis, he does an exceptional job. Lincoln, the character, is a sharp person, filled with wit and yet never shying away from the larger goals that confront him. Throughout the film, Day-Lewis exhibits a calm, commanding presence that has come to be associated with the famous 16th president.

The film, however, may not be for everyone. If you’re expecting an action-packed movie filled with suspense, you might be disappointed. Lincoln is masterful in its dialogue, although at times,it can seem like it belongs on the History Channel.

You cannot argue with numbers, however. As of January 28th 2013, the film has grossed over 181 million dollars worldwide. Its portrayal of Abraham Lincoln has increased enormous interest about his life and goals. In the end, it is perhaps this interest that is the greatest accomplishment of the film:  to raise awareness and, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, to prove “that these dead shall not have died in vain.”

Written by Alex LiChen’16


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