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Planning a Perfect Night

In the trenches of Columbus’s bleak winters, the weekends become a pattern of trips to Easton and Netflix splurges. It seems there is nothing left to do but bowling, ice skating, and movies, but we’ve been there and done that. Enjoy these tips to find something new to do.

Gallery Hop + Hubbard Grill

On the first Saturday of every month, the Short North features its Gallery Hop. Meander through the charming streets where local artists debut their pieces around the boutiques, street, and cafes. Aside from art, the streets fill with musicians, dance troupes, vendors, and other street performers. The Hubbard Grill caters to a young crowd.

Fortune Teller + Mezzo + Coldstone Creamery

Stop by the Zodiac in Gahanna and receive your fortunes. The fun you will have may surprise you, as out of your comfort zone it may seem. At my sister’s graduation party, we hired a psychic from Zodiac, who quickly became the star of the party. When I visited Zodiac, my friend and I had quite the memorable experience. Then enjoy dinner and dessert a walk away at Mezzo and Coldstone. Tip: Request Debé for your reading.

Rock Climbing + Movie

Challenge your physicality by scaling walls with your friend. Vertical Horizons in Worthington offers 4,000 sq. meters of space to rock climb. Whether you prefer harness climbing or bouldering, are a beginner or advanced, the welcoming staff will cater to your needs. Afterwards, reward your hard work by enjoying a “Fork and Screen” movie at Easton.Tip: See one of the many award-winning movies available. Les Miserables has been my favorite.

Written by Maddie Vaziri’16



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