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Born to Die

On General Tso’s day, our dining hall becomes chaotic. Eager to receive our share of this highly-demanded dish, not many of us think about the horrors these animals suffered for us to get their meat. Paul McCartney, an animal rights activist, urges people to consider the meat they are eating: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” The hard truth is too many of us are unaware of the brutality animals endure to provide us with the meat we so leisurely consume.

According to PETA, 99% of chickens killed for their flesh spend their entire lives in total confinement. Thousands of birds are so tightly packed in cages that they die from suffocation. Although an efficient yet violent system of slaughter  produces enough supply for our  high demand for poultry, infant chicks are debeaked with hot blades to prevent cannibalism, but sloppy cutting often results in serious injury, and many chicks peck one another with their shortened mandibles. With their legs forced into shackles, throats cut, the only lucky birds are those that are unconscious at this point.

The corresponding process by which other animals are killed to accommodate our increasing demand for red meat is just as devastating. We are horrified by animal abuse cases that deal with dogs, but the brutality animals endure to provide us with their meat is  just as severe. After all, what is the difference between abusing a Golden Retriever and slaughtering a crossbred Brahman Cow that was able to withstand extreme weather conditions, resist insects, and care for its young only be murdered my humankind?

Choosing to be a vegetarian stands against the monstrous cruelty of the meat industry yet also has many other benefits. It is a healthier option that reduces high cholesterol and avoids consuming the fat content in meat. For people on a budget, vegetarianism is fairly inexpensive because of low costs for fruits and veggies in comparison to high meat prices.

Many healthy, delicious options for vegetarians can prove to be just as satisfying as their meat counterparts. Tofu,  zucchini, squash, and spinach can be substituted for meat in lasagna, burritos, and soups.

Common items such as chicken nuggets and hot dogs are now available in vegetarian forms containing soy. Below are some commonly known meals that contain meat but can easily become vegetarian options. These modified versions taste just as good, or sometimes even better than the original. Other vegetarian recipes can be found online on websites such as

Instead of:                                                  Try:

Hamburger (260-400 calories              Veggie burger or portobello mushroom burger (120-200)
Chili with beef (350-400)                       Chili with beans (150-250)
Chicken parmesan (450-500)               Eggplant parmesan (150-200)
Chicken burritos (400-500)                   Spicy tofu burritos (200-300)
Slice of pepperoni pizza (300)               Slice of veggie pizza (180-200)
Spaghetti and Meatballs (480)              Spaghetti with Roasted Vegetables (200-300)

Written by  Nicole Brigstock’15 and Avanti Patel’15


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