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Music Review: One Direction’s “Take Me Home”

For those of you who have spoken to any teenage girl at some point within the past week, you’ve probably heard, One Direction’s new album has been released. The hit British boy band just released its new album, Take Me Home, Tuesday, November 13th. The album consists of 13 tracks ranging from sappy, slow tunes to a few more fast, upbeat songs. The lyrics are sure to bring out your inner teenage girl while the five male heartthrobs pour their souls out, expressing the hardships of young love.

The band, known from their formation on X-Factor in 2010, includes the leader, Liam Payne, the sweetheart, Niall Horan, the ladies’ man, Harry Styles, the bad boy, Zayn Malik, and the jokester, Louis Tomlinson.

“We don’t ever want our music to sound like a 40-year-old man in an office has written it and given it to us to perform.” The new album certainly reflects a modern “boy-band” feel in more upbeat ballads such as “Heartbreak” or “I Would” as well as slower songs like “Little Things” and “Over Again.”

Currently, the number one album on iTunes, the boy band is capturing the hearts of teenage girls all around the world. If you by the album now at Target for the “Yearbook Edition,” you will  receive four bonus tracks or check out Walmart where lucky winners will win “Go1Den Tickets” to fly out to New York, go to the Madison Square Garden show, and spend a special day with the boys.

Written by Sydney Lawrence’15


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