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Movie Review: Here Comes the Boom

Budget cuts force Wilkinson High School to cut all extracurricular activities, including the music program. Scott Voss, a 42 year-old biology teacher is outraged when the music teacher, Marty, is forced out of a job. Not only will the students no longer have music, but Marty’s wife is expecting and he will have no money to support his family.

Scott resolves to raise the funds but nothing works. Watching tv one night with one of his citizenship class students, Scott sees that MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters win $10,000 if they lose a fight but a whopping $50,000 if they win.

This promise of money leads Scott on a hilarious chase to learn mixed martial arts to save his school.Though he struggles, what fuels him through the grueling matches are his friends and his students, especially a girl named Malia De La Cruz.

This movie shows it is not easy to make people understand how passionate a person is  about something, but the determination to accomplish one’s goals and friendship make the going much easier.

Though this movie begins on more serious terms, it quickly becomes hilarious with actors  Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler, and Charice. For the people who believe, “Once you’ve seen this type of movie, you’ve seen ‘em all,” I highly encourage you to give this movie a try! It features a serious issue with comedy that’s a knockout.

Written by Sydnie Boykins’15


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